Today is the last day of my Job Knowledge Exam at the Regional Office. At 4 AM, I was patiently waiting for a bus hailing from Manila. Luckily after 20 min. a pink bus came and accommodated me to my destination. While we were on our trip, it stopped at an eatery. The man seating beside me woke up and accompanied his gamily down the bus and into the eatery. I heard him saying, “Aki madya na ta mauli na kita” (child, come and we will go home). 

Passengers came out of the bus to go to the John, to have a coffee or cigarette or to eat. Thirty minutes have passed and the bus must go. The man who accompanied his child climbed up and wore his shoes. He was our alternate driver. I waited for his wife and child to aboard. When we are about to leave. the driver waved at his family. He left, for he had to do his job which is bring your love ones home.     I wrote this on-the-spot and emotions were filling up my eyes and spilled. Yes I cried silently in the corner wiping my eyes so nobody can see.     I felt the sadness when our driver waved. I was there to see it, to feel the sincerity of the gesture. It was love which binds them, love which gives them strength to be away with each other. Because at the end of the day, he will came home to his family that welcomes him with joy and glee. 

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