Emerging Influential Blogs 2015: Bicol Bloggers

BicolBloggers.com, a newbie in the industry of blogging has taken the Social Media by storm earning a spot in the Emerging Influential Blogs 2015 presented by Digital Influencers Marketing Summit, Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur and Professional Program, Alfox Printing Services, and One Network ECommerce.


Here are my personal pick among the shortlisted top emerging blog sites:

  1. Bicol Bloggers -Collated useful information to provide the locals and tourists with the best recommendations about food, destination, events, accommodations and more! BicolBloggers.com serves as a one stop site to read some of the latest posts of the most active bloggers in Bicol region. The Bicol Bloggers uses thier online presence and digital influence for the promotion of their region, homegrown brands, events and its people. Bicol Bloggers amplify the voice of the region and bring the world closer to Bicol. logo2
  2. Nagayon I Naga City Blog and Online Directory– Nagayon’s main objective is to promote Naga and its brands and people. The biggest strength of Nagayon, developer-wise, is its system: the website itself. We personally coded it from the ground up for the best user experience. They have invested a lot of our time and effort in developing it and are very proud of it. Their directory area features the key businesses and establishments of Naga and hopefully soon, its nearby municipalities.
  3. Garbage Pollution and Green EnvironmentThis blog is about garbage, pollution, green environment, life and anything in between. It’s intended to readers to really consider pollution as the most major problem for mankind and Mother Earth. We can be one to discipline ourselves and practice the healthy ways of living; now and fro the next generation to come.
  4. Artful Chapter – Blogger is an 11-year old photography enthusiast who decided to compile photos she took using her point-and-shoot camera and her simple artworks. Eventually, she started sharing  fashion ideas as well. She hopes that she can help encourage girls and boys of my age to use their time productively through blogging.
  5. Love, Teacher Angel – She call herself God’s Warrior Princess. An educator in and out of the classroom. Her blog wants to talk about how to reach out more to the netizens or online people, particularly in the field of Education to make them see more of what the world has to offer.

Let’s support everyone because we are a community united with one goal.


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