Captain Shawarma

For the love of food I’ve been eating a lot. 😀

Just like mushrooms, Shawarma stalls have been popping up in the metro. It has been one of my favorites (I got a lot of those) with its distinct taste and presentation and also must be with its history or origin. I have also tried some other meat versions like poultry (chicken) and pork but nevertheless beef is just spot on.

Captain Shawarma. One of the never ending number of food stands in the city serves this snack in a more local way.


What makes it different?

You can instantly know that the meat is fresh based on it’s apperance, it also tastes curry-ish unlike others and perfectly cooked (I like mine medium rare). The Pita bread used is a little bit sweet which compliments the meat and instead of using cabbage, they used cucumber alongside with the staple tomato and white onions and a splash of herbed mayo, spicy mayo and plain mayo (mayo all the way 😀 ).


The outcome looks glorious and mesmerizing and mouth watering. IMG_20161112_175355

The whole serving of this shawarma just can’t be gripped with a single hand.


We also tried their version of Rice Shawarma. Who would have thought that this is also perfect with rice.



They also have other menus and aside from its good serving size, prices are also very affordable.

Pita Shawarma – P 50.00

Shawarma Fries- P 65.00

Rice Shawarma- P 60.00

Nachos- P 65.00

All Meat- P 150.00

Shawarma Platter- P 120.00

Captain Shawarma has three branches in Naga;  ALDP Mall, Diversion Road; Ateneo Avenue and beside Naga Optical Centro fronting Plaza Rizal.


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