Inspiring People thru Blogging

I’m a Blogger.

Yes, I can now say that without being hesitant. I’ve been seriously (like seriously) posting articles since September 2014 and for almost a year and a half my “night job” aided me to live my lifelong dream which is to be a writer and to explore things my way.


They say that bloggers have the easiest way of earning money by just posting about establishments or products or services but on top of it all, it is just like your usual job at the office or at the field; nerve and backbreaking. But for me blogging is not always or will not be for money. It’s about meeting people and making friends, making unforgettable trips and experiences, doing what you love following your passion in life.


I’m not new on giving talks in front of a crowd, from out-of-school-youth, to elementary pupils, to professionals about my line of work (environmental related) but this was the first time I was invited to deliver something about blogging, specifically food blogging.

Actually I was referred by a fellow blogger to do this task and I thank her for that.

To tell you I’m not solely into food blogging and my blog is about Literature and Photography but when I joined the blogging community BicolBloggers, my interests and field broadened.

At the time of the talk, I was informed by Mr. Michael one of the faculty that around 200+ students attended the said seminar. That’s the time my knees tremble and I felt really sick.

He then left me to have lunch and what did I personally choose? These…Hot Green Tea and Creme Brulee. I was out of myself to eat.


And then the time of my talk comes.

Upon stepping in the hall, I was really really nervous, my hands were shaking, my voice stuttered a bit for a moment and I thought I will be passing out.

Photo from Mr. Mikel Bolalin

Later on I felt relieved and relaxed. My audience were very cooperating and responsive, laughing at my silliest and corniest jokes, reacting to the photos being flashed at the screen (they were food) and giving me the lightest feeling while I’m on stage.

Photo from Chef Gerard Panghulan
Photo from Chef Gerald Panghulan

And before I knew it, my talk was on its end.

Photo from Chef Gerald Panghulan

One thing’s for sure, I have ticked a certain part of these students’ personality to start something new, like a blog.


Again, Thank You to the family of Universidad de Sta. Isabel BS FSIM for giving me this wonderful experience.



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